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Unique Jewelry Charms & Pendants

Unique charms and pendants that can be used in jewelry making and other crafting projects.




4 Pack Out of stock
Leaf Pendant Charms Gold and Pink Colour, 20mm - 4 Pack
Out of stock at the moment
7 Pack
Moon Face Pendant Charms, 19mm - 7 Pack
10 Pack
small rose jewelry charms with bronze color
10 Pack
small rose charms with antique silver finish
10 Pack
Rose Gold Tone Rose Charms, 21mm - 10 Pack
4 Pack
front and back of dragon jewelry pendants with antique bronze finish
2 pack
silver blue pink and white jewelry charms that look like bees
2 pack Out of stock
silver jewelry charms that look like ice cream cones
Out of stock at the moment
10 pack
14mm antique gold colored scroll heart charms
10 Pack
pile of jewelry charms that look like leaves
5 pack
teacup shaped jewelry charm with antique silver finish
7 pack
set of various jewelry charms that are wine themed