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Find all items on sale here. Beads, charms, craft supplies, stickers and more!



100 Pack
gold colour round split ring
10 Pack Out of stock
snowflake shaped antique silver jewelry charm
Out of stock at the moment
4 pack
yellow, brown, green, and gold jewelry charms that look like sunflowers
20 Pack
round gold coloured beads
100 pack
light silver drop shaped jewelry charms
7 Pack Out of stock
silver colour dragon shaped jewery pendant
Out of stock at the moment
7 Pack
antique bronze coloured jewerly pendant that looks like a dragon
10 pack
bronze jewerly charms that look like cobra snakes
15 pack
15 red and gold heart shaped jewelry charms
10 pack
bronze colour jewerly charms shaped like apples
15 pack
15 white and gold star shaped charms
15 pack
pink and gold star shaped jewelry charms
15 pack
Enamel Pink Heart Charms For Jewelry Making, 7mm - 15 pack
10 Pack
multi colour wooden buttons that look like mushrooms
3 Pack
Heart Shape Open Back Bezel Pendants, 34mm - 3 Pack
4 Pack
front and back of dragon jewelry pendants with antique bronze finish
10 Pack
wooden buttons with cows printed on them