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Assorted Jewelry Findings

Jump rings, eye screws, connectors, eye pins, chains, necklaces and more!

Tagged "Material_Alloy" - Clear



300 pack
oval shaped jump rings in mixed metal colours
200 pack
round gold coloured open jump rings
300 or 500 pack
Silver Oval 5mm Open Jump Rings - 300 or 500 pack
300 pack
light gold coloured oval jump rings
10 Pack
Gold colour lobster claw clasps
50 Pack Out of stock
silver colour lobster claw clasps
Out of stock at the moment
500 pack
gold colour round jump rings
200 pack
gold colour eye screw bails
200 Pack
light silver colour eye screw bails
100 pack
Red copper colour tiny drop shaped jewerly charms
690 Pack
6 different sized gold colour split rings
20 Pack
silver colour lobster clasps
100 pack
triangle shaped bronze colour jump rings
300 pack
round light silver coloured jewelry jump rings
270 pack
round gold colour open jump rings
100 pack
bronze drop shaped jewelry charms
100 pack
light silver drop shaped jewelry charms
100 pack
Silver drop shaped jewelry charms
100 pack
gold colour drop shaped jewelry charms
970 pack
black round open jump rings
20 Pack
gold colour leaf shaped glue on bails
300 or 500 pack
oval shaped gold open jump rings